Women's Programs

I am very excited to let you know that I have recently founded
the Institute for Influence, with programs designed especially for women leaders and managers.


The Advanced Business Influence (ABI) program is a unique online training program designed specifically for female executives, managers and prospective managers.
In just 15 minutes a day leaders will be more strategic, have more influence and create the desired positive impact.

Now available for large organizations!


The purpose of this online program
is to help women in business
to master world-class influencing skills.

In just 15 mins a day for 6 months,
in bite-sized pieces that are applied immediately
with built-in Mastermind groups

Many organizations have been actively working over years

  • to change their culture to fill the needs of all stakeholders,
  • to have elevated strategic capacity at all hierarchical levels,
  • become more flexible and adaptable, and
  • to increase the commitment and satisfaction of their employees.

But it’s hard to change behaviors. It’s hard to change organizational culture. Estimates show that up to 99 percent of human activities are driven by the subconscious.

That’s why we developed the Advanced Business Influence Program

This program works in micro-learnings over six months.

It creates real change, advanced skill enhancement;
the ability to apply new awareness, insights, and competencies
in real time conversations at work & elsewhere.

15 minutes a day for six months.

Each episode is structured so that the unconscious mind
can more easily integrate and remember
the insights, skills, and strategies learned.
We also use stories, of course! They stick.

In this way, leaders expand their skills and competencies with ease, step by step.

The Advanced Business Influence program was created for women managers and leaders, to enable them to be more strategic, more influential and get the positive impact they want in their organizations. But anyone who needs to lead will benefit from learning the influencing skills in this program.

We invite you to pilot this program in your organization to find out for yourself.

Learn the strategies to speak with credibility, be taken into account for important decisions and build your credibility right away in meetings as well as over the long-term

Use the right communication strategies to avoid being misunderstood, and communicate with clarity, without being too hard or too soft

Master the communication processes that operate at a subconscious level in real-time conversations

Be able to lead confrontations and negotiations, turn them into great conversations, make sure needs are met, create great relationships and ensure you’re treated with respect

Skyrocket your career and business performance

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